150 Protesters Arrested in Union Square  9/7/2004
Housekeepers Say They Are Pressed for Time  9/7/2004
LA Labor Day march draws thousands in support of hotel workers  9/6/2004
On holiday weekend, sermons address the L.A. hotel workers' ongoing dispute.  9/6/2004
Hotel workers plan vote on strike in S.F.   9/3/2004
Hotel Workers Rally for Contract  9/3/2004
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Hotel Worker Solidarity
Across North America

Building Union Power in a Globalized Hotel Industry

The hotel industry has become a national and global industry. The time has now arrived for our Union to become a truly North American union in the hotel industry.

We all work for the same companies. Our industry faces serious national, not local, challenges. It is common sense that we sit down together, at the national level in our two countries, to address the national challenges of rising health care costs, restaurant sub-contracting, immigrant worker rights, the hiring of African-Americans, and the rights of non-union hotel workers to organize.

"It’s important that we stay united on a common duration so we can become stronger and improve the lives of working people everywhere. "

Gloria Bringas Bautista, Hilton Hawaiian Village PBX Operator, 33 years

We have already begun to work as one union in our industry. On July 1st in New York City, members voted to increase their dues by $10 a week to build their 2006 Strike Fund. In mid-August, members at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago refused to take off their “2004 Unity, 2006 Power” buttons in the face of employer threats. In dozens of cities we have signed petitions and delegated managers in support of the ’04 workers. The fight in 2004 for good contracts with a 2006 expiration is all our fight!

This year we are working for many important things in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. These include: employer paid health benefits, decent wage increases, improved pensions, immigrant rights and affirmative action hiring, and more. But the most important thing workers are fighting for is the right for our contracts to expire in 2006. Already in 2006, citywide contracts expire in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Hawaii, Monterey and Sacramento. Key hotels have 2006 expiration dates in Seattle, Detroit, and other cities. When we have the same contract expiration then we will be true equals with our Employers.

Our contract fights will be difficult this year. The hotel corporations prefer to keep us separated in our individual cities. If we stick together, we will win fair contracts and continue to strengthen our Union.

—John W. Wilhelm
President/Hospitality Industry

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